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Angela Heuman moved from the East Coast to Las Vegas on a whim in 2001. She was freshly equipped with an associate degree in culinary arts from The Restaurant School of Philadelphia and looking for change. After a brief stint with Charlie Palmer at Aureole, she realized that Vegas wasn't for her and transferred to Charlie Palmer Steak in Washington, D.C. to make appetizers and side dishes, and the opportunity introduced her serendipitously to the art of pastry.

In 2004, a friend convinced Heuman to visit Silverton, Colorado, for a three-month working vacation, and from there she discovered Telluride. After making handmade chocolates for a time with Telluride Truffle, she brought her talents to the Cosmopolitan and began as assistant pastry chef for one year before being promoted to the head position.

Heuman has continued her comestible education with recent courses, such as "Sugar Fundamentals and Trends" with Ewald Notter, the Swiss founder of the Notter School of Pastry Arts. With Notter, she explored the artistic side of dessert making, mastering garnishes to create delicacies that look as spectacular as they taste. In fall of 2008, she studied flavor profiles in a Denver course titled "Fruita Prima Dessert Composition," which provided an appreciation of how combined flavors merge into one.

It's rare to find a pastry chef with a strong background in culinary, but Heuman feels fortunate to approach her work from that perspective. While she gravitates to the precision required in baking, her creative side loves the freedom to experiment. Chocolate is one of her favorite mediums to temper and alter. She likes to create liquor truffles and name them after cocktails or pair cocoa confections with hazelnuts or cherries. The vanilla creme brulee, however, is the litmus test of her skills. Heuman believes that you can play with the garnish, but you can't really alter a classic. Simply put: It has to be perfect. This pursuit of perfection is what drives Heuman, and it can be seen and tasted in all her creations.



Owner/Chef Chad Scothorn
Telluride, Colorado
Mark Rineer, Manager
Telluride, Colorado
Angela Heuman, Pastry Chef
Telluride, Colorado
Chuy Aymar , Sous Chef
Telluride, Colorado

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